Auston Matthews has locked up the Maurice Richard Trophy for most goals in the NHL regular season. When the awards are handed out, he’ll join the likes of Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, who have won it 11 times since 2008. Other previous winners are David Patrnak, who shared it with Ovechkin last year, Steven Stamkos and Corey Perry.

Last year’s co-winners in the shortened season had 48 goals in 68 and 70 games played, giving Ovechkin .71 goals per game and Pastrnak .69.

Matthews is sitting at .82. Ovechkin won it in 2007-2008 with 65 goals in 82 games for .79 per game. The award has only been given out since 1998-1999.

With three more games to go, Matthews has the theoretical ability to get to 45, but it’s not very likely. The journey to 40, with some games missed due to a wrist injury, a change in his power play deployment to baby the wrist, none of it seems very possible. You’re supposed to need ideal conditions to set a record pace. Apparently Auston Matthews didn’t get that memo.

His nearest competitors are Connor McDavid with 31, and that’s it, frankly. Everyone else is below 30, and no one comes close. Ovechkin, who is 35 and Crosby, 33 are tied, like they should always be, at 24 goals each. They’re setting the bar of the longevity of career Matthews wants to have — let’s be honest, he wants to beat them.

Forty Goals

How it started:

How it’s going now:

And the 38 in between?

How many will Matthews finish with?

I believe! He’ll get 50 - what? it’s possible.84
Less than 45, but more than 40.676