Bob McKenzie is on the job with TSN today, and they go to air at 11 am, but there’s a lot of rumours and speculation this morning already.

The Michael Bunting to Toronto rumour is so ubiquitous, it has to be a done deal, and we’ll have a post up shortly on this player.

Big Save Dave is going to Nashville, and Hyman to Edmonton is the stalest news of the day.

As far as the game of goalie musical chairs the Maple Leafs are playing:

Grubauer seems to be the first player who has to make a move, and then it’s a free for all with many teams looking to add someone in net. Colorado is the serious competition for the Leafs over Darcy Kuemper.

From the what might have been files:

Meanwhile speaking of Lou Lamoriello, the silence around what Toronto is actually up to is almost Islanders’ level, with the exception of Bunting. Kyle Dubas has clearly decided to keep it inhouse this year.

And another fantasy is about to bite the dust:

Sometimes no Qualifying Offer doesn’t mean the player leaves the team.

And there will be no reunion:

That’s it for now. Remember to ignore the trolls, the fakes and the “parody” accounts today.

One more: