There was tonnes of news in the hockey world yesterday, but let's start with Jack Hughes getting stepped over by Blayre Turnbull at the NHL All-Star runway.

Brigs has a midseason Prospect Pyramid. This is a great primer for the value of Leafs prospects as trade season heats up.

Maple Leafs Prospect Pyramid: Mid-Season
It’s the mid-season break, so what the hell are we gonna talk about? How about a mid-season Prospect Pyramid where I put Toronto’s best kids into tiers based on their performance and projection.

My partner and I were very upset to miss Sidney Crosby on Thursday's All-Star Draft, but he arrived in Toronto on Friday to cheer on the other All-Stars. Before the event, he answered for Bettman's comments about the 2018 case in a mature, respectful way.

Here were Bettman's comments, for reference.

Marty Walsh of the NHLPA called out the Arizona Coyotes for being the second tennant in a college rink while claiming to be a professional NHL team. This is the second season in the ASU building.

Late last night, the Coyotes fed a story to one of their reporters to fast-track an announcement for a new arena proposal in north Phoenix. Clearly, things have been desperate for a while – and might I say more expensive by the day. Meanwhile Utah wants a team and Atlanta city council is looking to out-spend Cop City.

Back to better news, Sarah Nurse spoke at the Friday presser and how she notices the increased attention women's hockey is getting with the launch of the PWHL. Also, baby mic is best mic!

Some douchebag called the cops on some hockey players skating at a public rink. They didn't back down from the pathetic tough-guy act.

‘We won’t be intimidated’: Women and Trans shinny players hold rally following ‘intimidation’ incident at Toronto rink
For just two hours a week, the skating rink at Dufferin Grove Park becomes a safe space for women and Trans people to play drop-in shinny.

The Kings fired their coach.

The Jets spent a first on Sean Monahan.

There's going to be a four-team midseason tournament between Canada, USA, Sweden, and Finland in February 2025 with lots of stars, but missing lots of others. Off the top of my head, no David Pastrnak (CZE), Leon Draisaitl (GER), or Kristians Rubins (LAT).

Friday prospect highlights!!!!!