Both Conference Finals are sitting at 2-0 in favour of the team with home ice advantage. Colorado and New York hold the advantage as both series move to Edmonton and Tampa Bay. Can the Oilers figure out their defense, and can the Lightning figure out their offense?

But before we get any answers to the hockey thing, I must ask you two completely unrelated questions:

  1. If you were a potato, what kind of potato would you be and why?
  2. And how do you take your potatoes?

Personally, I consider myself a mashed potato (with skin), while shoestring fries are the way to go for me. Allows for maximum surface area for sauce to engage. What’s yours?

Alternate question, if you were asked by an NHL scout what kind of chess piece you would be, what would you choose?

MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum feels Leafs fans’ pain, promises a Stanley Cup | by: The Globe and Mail

The Black Girl Hockey Club announced the nine recipients of the BGHC Summer 2022 Scholarship. The non-profit awarded $29,000 to Black girls pursuing their hockey dreams.

Hockey Canada is under the government’s microscope as both the Ministry for Sport will be doing an audit on their conduct surrounding the eight-player sexual assault case, as well the House of Commons will force Hockey Canada in front of a standing committee.