The NHL playoffs march forward, and tonight we might find out the first of the two teams to make it all the was to the Stanley Cup Final.

The Edmonton Oilers stand on the brink of being swept from the Western Conference Final by the Colorado Avalanche. Will they be embarrassed out of the competition, or will they fight to get at least one win? Probably the former, I think.

Both teams will be down another player for tonight’s game. The Oilers lose Evander Kane for a suspension for boarding Nazem Kadri on Saturday night.

The official explanation in a thick New England accent is at this link.

As for Kadri, he’s definitely out for this game, and “for the rest of the series, if not longer,” per Avalanche Coach Jared Bednar, but the series could be over tonight, so how much longer isn’t clear, nor is exactly what injury he suffered.

The Avalanche still have their secret weapon of Cale Makar though.

Tonight’s game is at 8:00 p.m. ET in Edmonton on CBC and SN in Canada, and on TNT in the US.

Meanwhile in the east, the New York Rangers looked to be headed to another win and take a 3-0 lead over the Tampa Bay Lightning, gaining a 2-0 lead in the game last night, but then blowing that, and then Ondrej Palat scoring the winning goal with less than one minute left in the game.

The next game is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. ET in Tampa.

Lightning Round: Ondrej Palat sets record for most game-winning goals in Lightning postseason history

Other News

Larry Hillman passes away still holding the record as the youngest player to win a Stanley Cup at 18 years, two months, nine days. Current NHL rules (you must be at least 18 on September 15), and the current 82 game NHL calendar actually make it impossible for the record to ever be broken.

Here’s a fun story about the little known Hillman Hex, placed on the Leafs, whom he says owed him $2,400 relating to a contract dispute after the 1967 season, and said the Leafs would never win the Cup until it was paid off. When Brendan Shanahan became Leafs President in 2014, he actually had MLSE cut a cheque for $2,400, plus interest, and paid Hillman the amount he felt he was owed.

Erik Brady: Ex-Sabre Larry Hillman's hex remains on Maple Leafs

We’re still waiting to win the Cup though.

Patrice Bergeron won the Selke award once again to absolutely no ones surprise. Just rename it after him already.

And here’s a summary of some of the players at the weekend’s NHL Combine:
Snippets from the 2022 NHL Scouting Combine - Die By The Blade
Many of the top NHL Draft prospects were tested in Buffalo. [SPECIES: This notes Jimmy Snuggerud of the USNTDP volunteered that he interviewed with the Leafs, though he did meet with many other teams as well, he didn’t name most of those specifically like he did the Leafs. He has an average ranking to be selected in the low 20’s overall, which is right where the Leafs will pick.

Are the Oilers eliminated tonight?

No. Somehow, the Oilers will win one game.39
Yes. All the cookies for Cale Makar tonight.146