Happy Gameless Saturday, everyone. It’s always weird when the Leafs have HNIC off. Mitch Marner gets to play some three-on-three this afternoon, however. The actual All-Star Game itself is on TV from 3pm to 6pm on Sportsnet and CBC.

Last night was the skill’s competition:

There were some former Leafs there too:

The “red carpet” was weather appropriate, so it was guys in very casual gear that likely cost a lot more than it seemed. Cale Makar came as a golf pro from one of the better country clubs:

Second best Rasmus was dressed as a Canadian who thinks Florida is hot in February.

Mitch dressed as Mitch. (He loves those shoes too much.)

For your trade talk needs, the Daily Faceoff list is comprehensive and has some nuggets of news sprinkled in.

Skills things that are fun:

(sounds like the equipment didn’t work very well, though)

This is... I mean, mic them up and just play golf.

And finally, the one we all saw coming:

And I’ll end on the rumour that everyone already knows, the news we’ll get today: