Happy Saturday, everyone. The combined score on this road trip so far is 10-3 or 13-3 if you decide to count the Islanders game as well. Tomorrow, the Leafs face the Ducks, likely the strongest California team this year.

Your Sharks recap is here:

Maple Leafs on a roll in California, defeat Sharks 4-1

Chris Stewart on his quest to bring a Jamaican hockey team to reality in time for the Olympics in 2026:

It’s like they think Matt Murray just needs to be made to try. Which is an aggravating fan belief, but an absurd way for a GM and coach to behave.

You hate to see it (weird graphic, Sabres):

Buffalo beat the Habs using the Habs’ old, old, old backup Dustin Tokarski.

Everyone is still saying the Chinese team will be in the Olympics. I feel like someone is holding out over a money issue and eventually Norway will get the nod. But you never know, the Korean men’s team played, looked like fools, and no one actually was harmed by it.

If the NHL pulls out of the Olympics, that’s the crew that will run Team Canada there.

Tomorrow’s game is at a more tolerable 8 pm, so see you then!