It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Super D!

What we all really want is a mythical beast, the perfect right-shooting, top-pairing, 25-year-old defender that someone will trade for Timmins, Bracco and a second (which the Leafs don't have) who will come and fix Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner.

What we got was Blue Jays rumours and a media circus that makes Leafsland look tame:

I don't know who Bob is, but Bob is boring. No one wants to hear the bad news, Bob.

Meanwhile Brad Treliving is bad and should feel bad for not finding this defender Kyle Dubas looked for for years. Hint: his name is not Mr. Goodbar. Stay away from that guy.

Nashville is in town for tonight's game and Tyson Barrie needs a new team, just saying.

St. Louis made a trade:

PK Subban posted this:

Which... is actually bad PR because he doesn't link to the show. Here is the series he's referring to, and the episode about sports.

More Than A Game 6 | Black Life: Untold Stories | CBC Gem
Black Life: Untold Stories is an eight-part documentary series that reframes the rich and complex histories of Black experiences in Canada.

I watched this! And it was very good, not really the Subban part for me, which covered old ground. There are some other segments about other athletes that were really interesting though.

Subban is correct that what he experienced is meaningful, that it's necessary to know and to understand, and that we cannot tell ourselves fairy tales about how this was all in the past.

He needs to work on his resting vapid face for these photo ops.

The story of our most noble, most worthy enemy, warnings on this for discussion of families with addiction dysfunction, but it's a very uplifting story:

#TheMoment Coco the cat leapt from a utility pole
After a dog chased Coco the cat up a utility pole, he decided to take a heroic leap rather than wait to be rescued.

Coco is fine. Watch for the Newfoundland accents.

Former Growler and Marlie getting a shot in the NHL:

Quebec Media Reports Indicate Possible Sale of Newfoundland Growlers
Reports out of Quebec indicate that a sale process is underway that would see Steve Leal, owner of Canadian mu…

The Growlers owner had previously made some announcement about expansion of the business, so this might not be an outright sale.

We'll have a preview for you later, until then, have a good Saturday.