Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

I'm alone a lot at work so my mind wanders. As I mentioned last week I'm reading Fabric of the Game, a wonderful book about the design and history of NHL teams past and present.

One thing that is always mentioned is who a team played their first games against. I know the Atlanta Thrashers welcomed the New Jersey Devils as their first home opponent; this is because I have the pennant from their home opener hanging on my game room wall.

Atlanta Thrashers Commemorative Inaugural Game Pennant
Another great NHL auction

So, I looked it up. Every first game home and away. Some say I have a problem with knowing too much useless information, but I consider it a public service.

As these games would be a welcome to/back to our city event, I separated teams that relocated into distinct entries for each city.

The Montreal Canadiens were the most popular guest for home openers. The Quebec Bulldogs, Hamilton Tigers, New York Americans, Ottawa Senators 1, Ottawa Senators 2, Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, and the Winnipeg Jets* all had the Habs on opening night.

Half of those teams are now dead. Coincidence?

Who was the most popular team to visit in a road trip?

It's our very own Toronto Maple Leafs! Such a beloved team everyone wants to make us their first stop. The Kansas City Scouts, Ottawa Senators 1, Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, and of course the Philadelphia Quakers all made their first road trips to Toronto.

And, finally, there is only one NHL team who played the same team for their first home game and first away game against the same team.

The San Jose Sharks played the Vancouver Canucks for both of their firsts.

So, there's my hockey nerd contribution for the day. And here are some other things.

I missed this from the Peterborough Petes for Thursday's game. They had an indigenous night and had a local create a new logo for the game.

"Since the land today is preoccupied by many Indigenous groups I thought it would best represent those who came before by changing Peterborough to the name it went by before. Known as a great fishing spot and the word meaning, place at the end of the rapids, that's why I included the canoe and the water behind to give a rapid look to the water."

You check out his other work here:

Paints By Parkin | Kory Parkin | Indigenous Artist, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
Kory Parkin is an Indigenous Painter & Digital Creator from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario, Canada. He is a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.

There is nothing rich people love to do more than to announce they're making a big donation and then not give the money.

The IceDogs did that here in Niagara and now Oilers owner Darryl Katz is doing it in Edmonton.

Katz Group launches court battle with Edmonton homeless organization over $5M donation | CBC News
A subsidiary company of the Katz Group is suing a local agency that provides services to the city’s homeless population for breach of contract.

Easton Cowan got his 69th point last night. Not bad for only playing 38 games.

The Maple Leafs recalled defender Max Lajoie from the Marlies. Will he suit up today?

Speaking of the Leafs, it's game day against the Senators. The Leafs are at their third home, after Toronto and Buffalo, and the game starts at 7PM.

If you are in town and want to check out a game, the Marlies are hosting the Laval Rocket (Canadiens) at 4PM at the CCC. The PWHL Toronto are off.

And if course if you're out on the rock, the Newfoundland Growlers are hosting the Greenville Swamp Rabbits (Kings) at 7PM local time.

And if you really want to see some truly awful hockey, I'm playing my beer league game at noon.

Enjoy your day everyone!