The Maple Leafs finish off their Western Canada road trip today with an appointment at the Vancouver Canucks. Said appointment is set for 7:00PM EST, to be aired on Hockey Night in Canada, much to the chagrin of Canucks fans.

Yes, it’s that once a season event (no, not the Moores sale, which is once a season, for the entire season) where the Leafs play the Canucks in Vancouver at 4:00PM PST, and Canucks fans have a collective temper tantrum over their precious terrible team being treated like an inferior market (it is).

Prepare to read many tweets about “Toronto bias” today, and revel in them!

I mean that’s ridiculous. The Canucks have important baby players too.

Oh, right. They don’t have any important young players.

The Marlies kicked off a three-in-three series last night in Rochester @ the Americans and wound up losing 3-2. Viktor Loov and Andreas Nielsen scored for the Marlies. They now face the Hartford Wolf Pack back in Toronto at Ricoh Coliseum; today at 5pm, and tomorrow at 3pm.

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