Good Morning!

We took it easy yesterday, so the only thing you might have missed is this update on the defenders:

Status Report: Maple Leafs defenders on the injured list and off - Pension Plan Puppets
Who’s hurt and how bad on the Leafs blueline.

We’ll have an interesting look at potential junior free agents today, in fact it’s likely already posted if you slept in.

It’s gameday, of course, and we’ll have the preview for you too.

This was the Sabres beating the Penguins last night, ruining (for now) my desire to have Columbus knocked out of the playoffs. I don’t really hate any of the players, I just like chaos. For other people.

The Metro has become a big mess of parity for the final run of the season and any one of five teams could win the division or miss out.

The Canes won, the Caps won, the Pens lost, but the Flyers also won and are only five points out. This happened as the winning goal against the Islanders shhh, don’t say anything and they won’t pop out of the woodwork to explain at length how over it they all are.

The Marlies have a game today at 5 p.m., which means you can go to the game, and then find a bar to watch the Leafs game in after. And it’s 90’s night at the Marlies game!

As you know, most 90s music is dreadful, but I’ve been listening to Massive Attack lately, and I like this one:

I assume the Coke Can will be playing some horrible grunge stuff or whatever today.

In more serious news, this is an outrage:

And this article is worth your time:

That tweet text is a direct quote from it, and the entire thing pulls no punches. And this is not something I remember ever seeing about the Leafs in the bad days or the Oilers either from anyone but bloggers. Either media has changed or it really is possible for a team and a GM to go too far in blaming the players for their own ineptitude.

That’s all for now, happy Saturday!