From last evening if you missed it:

Bob McKenzie with the no-news newsbreak at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

  • No news
  • Could all be solved in seconds.
  • He thinks Nylander will wait for Saturday for the best Leafs offer
  • Leafs will think he’ll be more likely to settle for their deal on Saturday.
  • McKenzie does not think a trade is probable because the Leafs don’t want to trade him, and there a few teams who can afford his cap hit this year, plus the Leafs aren’t being offered fair value.
  • Rank the likely outcomes: 1, signs 2. holdsout 3. trade, with 3 a distant third well after the other two./

For today, this post will function as a liveblog of news. Now, chances are there won’t be any, but you never know. Watch out for fake twitter accounts, try not to get carried away too much in comments, and don’t forget there’s a game later today.

We’ll have a preview at some point, and until then, have a look at the Leafs playing outdoors yesterday in St. Paul:

Mark Masters in St. Paul on video.

All the management is in St. Paul, including Shanahan. Dubas has promised a media avail some time today.