Tonight the Senators are going to lose horribly. I hope.

Please, Phil Kessel, do the thing! All of Canada is behind you!

Tonight’s Schedule:

7:00 PM
All Access: Quest for the Stanley Cup on Showtime
(this may only be available in the US. I can’t really tell from the PR)

Memorial Cup game 1:  QMJHL vs Windsor on Sportsnet

8:00 PM
Penguins @ Senators on CBC


It was Marlies locker clean-out day and they had a lot to say about their season. Scott Wheeler was there an=d wrote all about it.

Uncertainty looms over future of the Marlies’ core at season’s end - Wheeler
From stars such as Brendan Leipsic to veterans such as Rich Clune, the end of the Marlies season could mean the end of much more.

Dubas and Keefe transcripts at Marlies locker room clean out - Wheeler
The Marlies front office discusses which players who improved the most, development, tactics, coaching, learning, and off-season plans.

Scott also shared insight into concussions, and their effects on hockey players from his own personal experiences.

On hockey’s problem (and my problem) with concussions, hypocrisy and excuses - Wheeler
"When my brother recommended I write this essay, he hoped it would finish with my announcing I’d be quitting hockey. On Tuesday, I begin a new season of men’s league hockey in Toronto."

We took a look at another possible draft pick today too.

2017 NHL Draft: The Story of Ryan Poehling - Katya
Ryan Poehling has a great story. Let Katya tell it to you.

Meanwhile ElSeldo took the low-speed train to Windsor and is credentialed to cover the Memorial Cup! Check out his preview:

2017 Memorial Cup preview - ElSeldo
It’s time for the best 10 days of the junior hockey schedule.


It’s the long weekend as we celebrate the 198th birthday of Queen Victoria. I can’t believe she has lived that long. Poor Charles will never be King.

We’re around all weekend as there’s a lot happening. As mentioned above, the Memorial Cup is on and it’s right here in Ontario. We’ll recap all the games. We’ll of course cover the Stanley Cup Finals in the FTB, and, we’ll keep an eye out on the IIHF World Hockey Championships which are heading into the semi-finals this weekend!

This weekend marks the official start to grilling season in Ontario. What would you want right now?

I want:

A burger, of course. With extra gooey cheese.11
Baby back ribs cooked low and slow.12
A big thick steak.10
Shrimp on the barbie!4
Sausage. So much sausage. Enough to fill my mouth for days.3
I don’t care as long as it’s a big hunk of juicy tender meat.10