The game on Saturday started out with an olde tyme statement when Sheldon Keefe put Wayne Simmonds in the starting lineup in place of Mitch Marner for one shift. There was some bit of nothing off the faceoff, various other issues through the game, and then it ended like this:

And, to be honest with you, we’re all now sitting around trying to find the offending cross check. It would be funny if they nailed the wrong guy.

As we’ve discussed before and will again, this fine system is like a rap on the knuckles to someone wearing iron gauntlets. Weber’s estimated career earnings via Cap Friendly is $120,011,365.

The entire game was full of Simmonds v. Habs.

And the opening scene to this drama:

Until next time, this has been Wheel of Discipline in the NHL. And, uh, if we ever figure out when this happened, we’ll post that too.

It might be this: