Last Call!

I’m going to shut the form down in about an hour.

This is the place to sign up for early access to the new site.

Do not put email addresses in comments.

The form below will ask for your email, and for you to choose yes you want early access. If you pick no, it won’t save your email. If you put in a fake email, nothing will happen. If you put in an email you never check, you’ve wasted your own time.

Choose the email address you want to attach to your account at the new site.

What happens next is that the form will be closed on Tuesday evening, and all the collected emails will be imported into the new site making partial accounts for you. You will then receive an email on Wednesday morning that contains a button to take you to your account settings on the new site. You can pick a username and confirm the email at that time.

If you aren’t sure about all of this, there will also be just a regular link that will let you look around. At any time, you can then sign in with the email you provided in the form below and complete your account registration.

Questions or concerns, ask in the comments, but remember: pick the email address you intend to use on the site.