Masai Ujiri, president of the Toronto Raptors in the Globe and Mail

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Opinion: Masai Ujiri: To overcome racism, we need to be more than merely good. We must raise our voices - The Globe and Mail
The video was sent to me without explanation. Watching it, I was confused: What is this? At first, I thought it was from years ago and someone was sharing it to make a point. After all, there have been a lot of conversations recently focusing on interactions that ended with the violent deaths of black men.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Los Angeles Times

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Op-Ed: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Don’t understand the protests? What you’re seeing is people pushed to the edge

If you’re white, you probably muttered a horrified, “Oh, my God” while shaking your head at the cruel injustice. If you’re black, you probably leapt to your feet, cursed, maybe threw something (certainly wanted to throw something), while shouting, “Not @#$%! again!”

Saroya Tinker, professional hockey player

Sarah Nurse, PWHPA member, Olympian

Akim Aliu, professional hockey player

Blake Wheeler, professional hockey player

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Natasha Cloud, professional basketball player

Your Silence Is a Knee on My Neck

Because right now……. there’s only one thing that’s on my mind. Right now, if we’re being really real? As a black person in America, there’s only one thing that could possibly BE on my mind.

And that’s fearing for my life.

It’s fearing for my life, and for the life of every other person who is guilty of nothing more than belonging to a race that this country has been built on oppressing. It’s wanting to stay alive — in a time where the reality for a lot of people is that my staying alive doesn’t matter.

Malcolm Miller, professional basketball player

Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs

Dwane Casey, head coach of the Detroit Pistons

Statement From Detroit Pistons Head Coach Dwane Casey

Fifty-four years ago I was an eight-year-old boy living in rural Kentucky when the schools were desegregated.  I walked into a white school where I was not wanted nor welcomed. At that time there were no cell phones to record my treatment, no cable news stations with 24/7 coverage, no social media to record the reality of the situation or offer support nor condemnation. But I can remember exactly how I felt as an eight-year-old child.  I felt helpless.  I felt as if I was neither seen, nor heard, nor understood.

Houston Chronicle

As posted by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Sunday front page of the Houston Chronicle sports’ section: