It's a back-to-back, and Jones played last night.

That's clear. Actually, what is Guy Hebert doing these days...

Huh, he does TV for the Ducks.

Last night's game was the Indigenous Heritage Night:

Yesterday a bunch of All-Star Game announcements were made. First some more players:

And then some more players:

Sorry I think this is hilarious. It's not the All-Star Game it's the top points guys on Canadian teams in big cities. Offer not valid in Montréal.

Full roster:

You win the Stanley Cup and one of your team – the team you kept together – goes to the ASG the next year.

Guys will get hurt and drop out with valid reasons, so the NHL can fix this a little. We finally found the Maple Leafs bias and it's for the stupidest thing ever!

Also some jerseys were revealed:

As we saw yesterday, Imama cheap-shotted Dennis Hildeby and Kyle Clifford discussed that with him:

If you smell something foul in Toronto today, that was PWHL Toronto stinking up Mattamy with an epic fail of a game vs. Ottawa. They try again mid-week. Things can only look up!

Leafs vs Detroit preview will be out later today, until then, stay out of trouble.