Good Morning Everyone! Did you like getting an OT win?

The Leafs are now solidly in third place in the league by Points % with a plausible .724, behind the almost certain to regress Bruins and Devils who both lost their most recent games.

Some old news for you, first. I’m not sure this was mentioned by Victor Mete is actually on IR as of December 6 with an unknown LBI.

And this was from about a week ago:

Remember when Babcock put out Komarov in OT, wow that was bad.

Pierre Engvall comes back on the roster today at 5 pm, so some other move has to happen. As of know, Nick Robertson is not on IR or LTIR. Joey Anderson will stay up. Mac Hollowell is also still on the NHL roster.

Ah ha ha ha ha. Oh, man, that was worth the effort to find the quote for a good laugh in the morning.

This should be the entire All Star Game right here:

The Leafs play again on Tuesday vs the Ducks, so that’s actually likely to be fun, and then on Thursday and Saturday they have a mini-road trip to New York and Washington. Their schedule leading up to Christmas is nice and easy.

Happy Sunday, everyone.