I caused a stir at the end of the week when I suggested that the side that is desperate to give Darryl Katz a free arena are a bunch of rubes being led by the nose by the complicit media who are playing the role of The Music Man. One aspect that gets mentioned is that the Oilers' deal will have an affect on other deals in Canada. Well, if Edmonton is lucky, Markham's epiphany will filter its way to their backwoods city council. Friend of the Blog Sean FitzGerald, when not searching the rafters at Maple Leaf Gardens for his missing jock, has been covering the heck out of the monorail-loving council in Markham. This week, there was a huge breakthrough:

Jack Heath, deputy mayor of Markham, Ont., has withdrawn his long-standing support of plans to build an NHL-ready arena in part because of a noticeable wrinkle the private developers have not been able to iron out:

"They were not able to get an NHL team - and this really was about the NHL."

Five of the city's 13 council members have confirmed they are opposed to the proposal, and one of those, Don Hamilton, has suggested there are at least two more dissenters in chambers, which would form a majority. Hamilton also pointed to the uncertainty over the NHL's future involvement with the arena as one reason for his skepticism.

"The way it goes is, [NHL commissioner Gary] Bettman says, ‘You build a building, I might give you the team,' " Hamilton said. "And that's no good. That's not a way you can do it."

You'd think a guy named HAMILTON might look into how building a state of the art arena worked out for Hamilton. And then imagine that the only way it could be worse would be to bankrupt the city doing it. My favourite part is how during the entire time that this arena has been discussed the developers and the supporters on council have been talking about how viable the project would be without an anchor tenant. Someone has finally said that the emperor has no clothes. Thank fuck for that.

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