Via TSN:

One of the NHL's cornerstone events over the last few years is off the regular season schedule, as the league will announce the cancellation of this season's Winter Classic this afternoon.

Not a big surprise really; the sides aren't negotiating and it's November. Personally I'm most upset about losing 24/7 and not being able to see some of the personalities of the players we spend so much time watching.

We almost certainly lose Phil Kessel trying to hide behind garbage cans and under rugs when the cameras are nearby, Mikhail Grabovski speculating on how many people in Quebec he could beat up at one time and Dion Phaneuf drawing pictures of woolly mammoths on the walls of the locker room.

My guess is if the Winter Classic is truly axed here we're not watching NHL hockey until 2012-13 2013-14. Feel free to tell me what an idiot I am in the comments as usual.