Outdoor Games

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Bad ice, unexpected sunshine and the stands a mile from the game.

Game Preview: From Red Wings to Dead Things

The Maple Leafs fly cross country for game three of the road trip.

Let’s go play outside

Check out Frederik Andersen’s new mask and then tell us if you are you pumped up for this late-winter outdoor game.

Maple Leafs jerseys for Stadium Series game leaked

The nautical theme suits the location.

Washington Capitals have their outfit picked out for the fake pond game vs the Maple Leafs

One special jersey for the final outdoor game of the season has been revealed.


We're going to support our SBN and internet brethren in raising some money for their local hospital! Find out how and take part!

Goodbye Winter Classic

According to TSN the NHL will cancel the Winter Classic today.

Winter Classic 2013 set for Thursday cancellation

The NHL will cancel the 2013 Winter Classic on Thursday, according to a report.

Want your money back for the Winter Classic? Don't bother.

I was one of the (un?)lucky thousands of Maple Leaf fans who were awarded the opportunity to purchase tickets to the 2013 Winter Classic through MLSE. On July 31st, I purchased four tickets via the Leafs' Ticketmaster site. I did so fully cognizant of the likelihood of an
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