As these things usually go, the special jersey for the Stadium Series game on March 3 has leaked. The site Hockey Jersey Concepts claim to have confirmed the authenticity of the jersey.

They also helpfully identify the text in the collar, “Ready, aye, ready” as the motto of the Royal Canadian Navy. Wikipedia tells me the motto is, “Parati vero parati”, and this is an English translation.

The game has a nautical theme to it since it’s at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. So that means they’ll name Rielly as captain, so we’ll have a Captain Morgan, right? Right?

Maple Leafs to play Capitals in outdoor game next year
Washington Capitals have their outfit picked out for the fake pond game vs the Maple Leafs

The jersey is somewhat reminiscent of the Centennial Classic jersey shown above, but it’s also, er, how to put this? Dull? Plain? Predictable? It’s not objectionable, but it’s not very inspiring either.  A little colour helps the TV viewer if it’s a sunny day too, so we’ll see how it looks on the ice.

What do you think?

What do you think of this design?

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Wait, there’s an outdoor game in March?577