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It's your turn to vote!

NOTE: this poll closes at 5 pm on August 1.

The vote is embedded below, and it's pretty intuitive so if you want to just get to it, scroll down. Vote for 25 players in order and hit the button to submit it. If you want a little deeper look in the weeds of methods, form maker software and why this year's vote is on Survey Monkey, read on.

For a few years now, I've been using a paid service that embeds a vote in a post, and it's been okay. My concern was never exactly price, although I didn't want something absurdly expensive, but privacy, security and an output of results in a useable form.

We experimented with Google Forms, which is free, because over the years Google has become serious about user privacy – they don't harvest data or track users, and what you have to provide is an email address, just as you do to be a member of this site. You can make a ranking form using Google, and it works, but I got fed up after about two minutes of using it. It's work. It's not fun.

Interestingly, Microsoft Forms (which I didn't know was a thing) has gorgeous forms that are simple and work very well, and they only exist on an external site for "enterprise users". Never mind.

I tried a few other forms services, and discovered that most are aiming for either serious survey data collection, setting up parties, or the kind of monetizable engagement whose goal is just to get your email to send you advertising in some form. And so, I ended up on one of the oldest services in Survey Monkey.

Like Google, the email address used is seen by the form maker only, and they don't sell data, but they do use cookies for advertising purposes in just the same way Youtube does when you embed something. Read the privacy policy here.

The form is very easy to use with a couple of quirks that actually work well with the cumbersome size of the T25 list. If you check the N/A field, nothing happens at first, but as soon as you go to drag one of the names, the N/A name drops to the bottom of the list for you. It's a very handy way to get rid of the names you're sure you're not going to rank – you will, though. Trust me, you'll get to the bottom and have to re-rank some of them.

You can drag and drop or use the numbers to assign placings, and as soon as you make Pontus Holmberg your number one, it will move everyone down the list for you. If you run out of gas, and stop ranking, the lower ranks will simply be the order the list was in to begin, sorted by age. So Easton Cowan will be last until you place him somewhere.

The form does not give you your list when you are done, so if you want to remember it, you need to copy it yourself.

This form should work on mobile, but I would imagine it's a little annoying to use on a phone.

If you have trouble, drop a comment and I'll try to help you out. And that's it, get to voting! If you want to go directly to the survey, use this link. Remember, you have to be a member of the site to comment.

The form is set to close at 5 pm on August 1, 2023.

If you want more detail on the players, go back to this post first:

The 2023 T25U25 is right around the corner
This year is going to be the most interesting T25 in some time. There are only two people on the eligibility list that were drafted in the first round: Timothy Liljegren and Easton Cowan. Conor Timmins missed by one, and the rest are a mix of free agents and later-round picks.
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