Official Vote Summary - Week Three

15 - Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

Weighted average: 15.8

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Semyon Der-Arguchintsev is #15

Another unanimous vote put SDA in 15th spot, but with an average ranking very close to Ovchinnikov, Meittinen and Voit from last week.

14 - Joey Anderson

Weighted average: 14.9

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Joey Anderson is #14

Anderson was not a unanimous vote, but the nine votes he did receive are in a very tight range, and his average is almost identical to our next choice. If the missing voter had given him a 16th place, he’d have finished 12th, in the same group of players he’s in now in the this tight range of averages. Of course, no one is required to vote for Joey Anderson at all.

13 - Nicholas Abruzzese

Weighted average: 14.6

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Nick Abruzzese is #13

It’s back to unanimous votes from here on out, and Abruzzese lands at lucky 13 on very volatile voting. Like Ty Voit, he didn’t play last year, and like Voit, his spread in votes is very large - 13 places. After this spot on the list, there is less and less disagreement about order.

12 - Mikko Kokkonen

Weighted average: 14.5

Top 25 Under 25: Mikko Kokkonen is #12

On a tight spread of votes, Kokkonen landed almost tied with Abruzzese. He also marks the end, at place 12, of the large clump of players all ranked in the middle.

11 - Mikhail Abramov

Weighted average: 9.7

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Mikhail Abramov is #11

With a large jump in average votes, Abromov marks the start of what we should call the top 11 on the list this year. This next group, covering next week and beyond, are all ranked between seven and 10 with spreads in votes running from two to seven. These six players beginning with Abramov have no votes lower than 12 and a smattering of fifth places for three different players.

Community Vote

This week, the Community Vote also contains the group of players all ranked at 15, plus or minus three places that started with Abruzzese last week.

15 - Brennan Menell

Weighted average: 17.35

The official vote had Menell at 24, so this is a big difference of opinion.

13 - Mikhail Abramov and Semyon Der-Arguchintsev

Weighted average: 16.05

Two players with a tie on 540 votes is rare, but here we are.

12 - Denis Malgin

Weighted average: 15.38

Malgin is seven places higher on your list, another example of players closer to the NHL getting more votes here than on the official vote.

11 - Matthew Knies

Weighted average: 14.89

The official list hasn’t gotten to Knies yet, but he’s not going to be seven places higher, just a few.

Next week, both lists move into the not quite top 5 (or 4 depending on how you see it) territory. This is the part of the list where we see the serious contenders for future impact mingling with current NHLers. It’s not as rich in talent as it used to be, but that’s just to be expected as a team rebuilds and fills in around the top draft picks with trades.