The first period was all Sammy, so some of his highlights:

Solid gold:

The period ended in a scoreless tie.

Second period was all about Mitch Marner.

This is the Bruins first goal, but Marner has his guy, and.... everyone just waits on Sammy to kick out a rebound, I guess.

Marner gets one back.

Fourth line gets done:

Bruins lead 2-1 after two.

Third period was, well, it wasn’t a lot of fun.

Then there was a fight which was very inexplicable.

This on the other hand is Mr. Yarn Croc doing what he does:

Then there was a sort of horizontal fight behind the Bruins net, and you’ll never guess who was involved.

And then what happened? Brodie got undressed, redressed, undressed and had both ankles broken. Shit happens, sometimes you’re the guy caught on tape looking like this.

And then...

(Cut to Joe Woll looking terrified on the bench)

Final score is 5-2 Bruins.

Should the Leafs be allowed to go on vacation?

Sure, they tried hard against the Bruins27
No, they should have to go work in a boring office 8 hours a day for the next 8 days while I go to the beach.108
They should have to watch the All-Star Game from somewhere cold and think about what they’ve done. 103
Are they doing that dunk tank thing at the ASG, because I have candidates...43

Anyway, don’t go all “the sky is falling” tonight, pace yourselves, you’ve got over a week here.