In an post-apocalyptic landscape, brought to the very brink of existence itself by a cataclysm known only as the 'JFJ Event', two figures move slowly through the ash-laden air.Their chances are not good, the statistics say 1 - 9 in the last ten games. The last ten games on THE ROAD.

One is young, well intentioned and keen to help the other poor wretches they find on their lonely march. His name is Jonas. The other is older, wizened and sick. He tries to protect Jonas from the dangers of life on THE ROAD, but knows he himself is dying. He carries a gun with two bullets in the chamber for when the time comes. His name is Vesa.

Vesa knows what lies ahead. Five of the next six games are on THE ROAD and he is already weak. The effort of liberation from Philadelphian oppression weighed heavily on his tired body - there is little or nothing more he can give. He will not see the summer. But still, they walk. They are the few good men left. They carry the torch for humanity.

And so they head south, to the sea. Scrounging for points where they can be found, going hungry when Vesa keeps getting punched in the junk. They walk. In search of a better place. A future.

Perhaps the only thing to be said for this sorry tale is that Viggo Mortensen and his stupid, chiseled good looks and his stupid, dreamy eyes are nowhere to be seen. To the links!