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Extreme warning for relentless description of abuse of minors in the junior hockey story. Some of this has been public before, but it is horrific all in one place. Please don’t repeat or quote parts of it in comments, as you don’t know who is reading and what they might feel suddenly seeing that. Don’t read it yourself if you think you shouldn’t.

Penguins told AHL coach to ‘stay quiet’ about wife’s sexual assault, lawsuit says
[Major Content Warning] Affidavits outline alleged abuse, harassment and hazing in junior hockey

NHL, NHLPA no longer negotiating CBA financials, targeting Jan. 13 start with 56-game schedule -
Flyers sign Philippe Myers to contract extension

Are the Golden Knights about to go full-rebuild? Max Pacioretty might be on the move. He has three seasons left on his contract at $7M AAV, and there’s also rumours about Jonathan Marchessault. Is he also available?

Maybe they want to get rid of him and pick up one of the unsigned UFAs still out there? Mike Hoffman? There’s allegedly only five weeks left until the start of the NHL season. Some team has to pick him up soon.