The regular NHL season begins next week, meaning the Toronto Maple Leafs have some big decisions to make and execute soon for their roster. A whole swath of players need to be cut and assigned to the Marlies and Growlers, or returned back to junior hockey, or simply released from the team. Most other teams have already started the process, so the big moment for the Leafs could be as early as today.

The Leafs schedule for this week starts with two pre-season games back-to-back, the first in Ottawa tomorrow, and the second back here in Toronto on Tuesday. If the Leafs management hasn’t yet made up their minds on who makes the lower deck of the team on the fringes of the roster, these games will inform their final decision. If they have made their decisions already, they probably won’t want to lead on the whole gaggle of players through the game in Ottawa tonight, so they will make the cuts today, and then the Marlies can start building their roster for their first game which is Saturday October 16.

Can Timothy Liljegren make the Maple Leafs?

While today’s cuts may not go deep enough to get to players who require waivers, if they do, remember starting this season that was moved from noon to 2:00 p.m., though the first big cuts may not go so deep to get to those players, and will be more about setting up the Marlies roster.

Meanwhile, outside the battle for the rosters here, some Leafs prospects are already playing their seasons, including Veeti Miettinen who is once again quickly racking up points on the highly ranked St. Cloud State Huskies.

Kyle Dubas was busy yesterday doing this interview with Sportsnet.

Other News

Robin Lehner made very public and disturbing allegations against the NHL, and the Flyers specifically last night on Twitter. The whole story is still unfolding, and it is unclear what player he is talking about, and when this happened as he has been playing for over ten years now. Whatever is next, there’s a lot to play out here very soon.

Vegas Golden Knights' Robin Lehner accuses NHL teams of medical malpractice - ESPN
Lehner accused NHL teams of offering benzodiazepines and Ambien to players without prescriptions.

Raiders’ new alternate jersey to be ‘discontinued effective immediately’ by WHL - paNOW
At 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, the Western Hockey League announced they will discontinue the “dated design” that “is insensitive and offensive.”

Let’s have your opinion on who is not going to be on the Leafs for their first game next week

Which of these players are you certain do not make the Leafs, at least for the start of the season?

Timothy Liljegren51
Pierre Engvall83
Adam Brooks58
Josh Ho-Sang96
Two of the above335
Three of the above243
All of the above134