The SickKids Hospital is a great one - and one that has ties with the Toronto Maple Leafs. For as long as the Maple Leafs have been in existence - which, as this is their centennial season, is obviously 100 years - they’ve been with SickKids nearly as long.

That’s an incredible partnership, and for an amazing cause. Helping out kids who are, well, sick - and in particular, helping to bring a bit of joy to their lives - is something the Leafs are really, really good at.

They had a particularly special visit today, as SickKids gifted the Leafs - and, of course, everyone else - with a very fancy cake.

And a bunch of cupcakes.

Oh yeah, those are definitely gorgeous. That’s a hell of a cake, for sure.


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And it looks like everyone had a good time! Because that’s what you do when it’s your 100th birthday: celebrate with everybody.