Edit: So of course the Marlies sign Ray Emery to a PTO today. THANK GOD. WE GET OUR MADORE BACK!


Schedule revised below to take Emery into account.


With injuries to James Reimer and Garret Sparks, the Leafs system goaltending depth is going to be stretched at the seams. It's not certain when Reimer is going to be healthy, but from the most recent speculation, Bernier gets the start for the game against the LA Kings.

The situation stressed me out this morning, so to make myself feel better I made a list of the speculated goaltending for the three Leafs teams for the next few weeks through January 1. Obviously, the team drawing the short straw is the Solar Bears.

Most funny potential situation: If Bernier does badly in his Kings start, could Rob Madore eventually find his way to the Leafs bench?

Most uh-oh potential situation: SPHL loaner Brandon Jaeger gets the start in Orlando, with Bobby Fowler the ice den EBUG backing him up -- twice in a back-to-back.

These speculations hinge on the assumption that Antoine Bibeau will possibly get the call up from the Marlies to back up Bernier. Edit: And he did.

One thing is certain. Orlando has lost Madore until Sparks recovers.

Potential goaltending situation through January 1, if Reimer is healthy by Monday:

Date Team and Opponent Possible Goaltender/Backup
Friday December 18 Marlies at WBS Penguins Bibeau/Emery
Saturday December 19 Bears at Greenville Massa/Jaeger
Saturday December 19 Kings at Leafs Bernier/Bibeau
Saturday December 19 Marlies at Hershey Bears Madore/Emery
Sunday December 20 Bears at Greenville Massa/Jaeger
Monday December 21 Leafs at Avs Reimer or Bernier/Reimer or Bernier
Tuesday December 22 Leafs at Yotes Reimer or Bernier/Reimer or Bernier
Saturday December 26 Ice Caps at Marlies Bibeau/Emery
Sunday December 27 Everblades at Bears Madore/Massa
Sunday December 27 Ice Caps at Marlies Bibeau/Emery
Sunday December 27 Leafs at Islanders Reimer or Bernier/Reimer or Bernier
Tuesday December 29 South Carolina at Bears Madore/Massa
Tuesday December 29 Marlies at Monsters Bibeau/Emery
Tuesday December 29 Islanders at Leafs Reimer or Bernier/Reimer or Bernier
Wednesday December 30 Leafs at Penguins Reimer or Bernier/Reimer or Bernier
Thursday December 31 Monsters at Marlies Bibeau/Emery
Friday January 1 Bears at Everblades Madore/Massa