What an incredible story it would be, for the 19-year-old Fraser Minten to make the Toronto Maple Leafs roster out of training camp for even just a nine-game stint. It would show the massive step he's taken and his ability to grow and adapt to the pro game against NHLers, and he can spend more time with his bestie Matthew Knies!

He still has quite the outside chance at making the team – though I'll say it's a better chance than for Nick Robertson – but the fact that the possibility is there this late into training camp is a massive source of hope. I'm a big fan of Fraser Minten and what kind of player he'll be in 3-4 years, and I'll say what he is right now might be valuable for the Leafs! He probably could play a offensive fourth line centre role, or even a sheltered scoring third line spot.

We'll have to wait and see, but I'm rooting for this to happen.

John Klingberg is probably not going to be an LTIR candidate for the beginning of the season (and we've talked extensively in the comments that it wouldn't really change the team's finances beyond extending some looks at fringe players for an extra few weeks, losing Klingberg itself is a bigger loss than the benefits from the space gained).

Nylander's back on the wing, as promised. He's just on the wrong wing, IMO.

Here's the list of waivers players this morning. Still no one of interest yet.

Nikita Grebyonkin and Brandon Lisowsky were in action yesterday. Greb had two assists, while Liso scored a hat trick!

The 2003 Team Canada World Juniors scandal is back in the news as investigations continue. Still no news on the 2018 case.

Stop being shit, WHL. And Fire Bill Peters before he hurts a minor again, Lethbridge.

One note on the Leafs and Timmins not being out for an extremely long time. Other notes around the league. The cap could be as high as $88 million next season.

RIP, Chris Snow.

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