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Here's who's left on the Leafs training camp roster.

Who’s left at Leafs Training Camp
Some have been asking, here are the answers.

Here's who's now on the Marlies training camp roster.

Marlies Training Camp Roster
The roster is NHLers, AHLers and some players on PTOs from the Growlers. There are no roster limits in the AHL, but quite a few of these players will go to Newfoundland to start the season.

Dom projects the Leafs to win the Atlantic Division and finish 5th in the NHL. One thing I want to share about the Atlantic is that since it's realignment, the winner of the division has only made it out of the second round in the playoffs once – Tampa Bay in 2018 when they lost to the Capitals in the Conference Finals. Boston won it three times, Tampa Bay, Florida, and Montreal twice each. Just over half of those teams won a round, but only Tampa Bay won two. This all just goes to show success is not given just because it's deserved.

The drama around Rogers and MLSE continues as one of the siblings of the communications empire was ousted from the MLSE board. I just they're all rich enough to leave Masai and Treliving alo

Melinda Rogers-Hixon exits Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment board amid ownership skirmish
The departure of Rogers-Hixon, deputy chair of Rogers Communications, was not announced publicly but her name has been removed from the company’s list of directors

"The Maple Leafs make their third consecutive getaway to Gravenhurst, a tradition that began in 2021. It's not unusual for some players to attend while others stay back to do work on skills back at the team's practice facility in Etobicoke, Ontario."

Alter says Friedman says the Leafs said Timmins dodged the worst-case scenario with the injury he suffered, and should only be out for 4-6 weeks – long enough to be placed on LTIR. I don't know how long Timmins will be on the Leafs roster after he's healthy.

Apart from the stupid Nylander 3C thing, this article has quotes from and about all the Leafs players trying for a roster spot. I've followed training camp long enough to know there's always going to be one surprise.

As Maple Leafs lineup takes shape, who’s fighting for final roster spots?
Before the Toronto Maple Leafs can drop the puck on a new season, lingering questions about how exactly this team will line up await answers.

Cap Friendly has a new feature on prospects. I think many are still working on how it can be useful. Beta process is ongoing!

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