Yesterday the PWHL released some information on the draft for next season:


The PWHL has six teams, and four will make the playoffs. Details are:

  • the 1st place team in the regular season picks its semifinal opponent out of the 3rd and 4th place finishers
  • overtime will be five-on-five periods of sudden death in the playoffs and series will be best of five.
  • the PWHL will use "Gold" drafting which means that as soon as a team is "mathematically" eliminated from making the playoffs, their regulation wins earn them points towards their final draft position. Whoever gets the most Draft Order Points gets to pick first overall in the June draft
  • the other non-playoff team picks second.
  • the playoff teams are set in draft order in the inverse of the regular season standings and this order of all six teams persists for all seven rounds of the draft

In NHL news, there's a goalie on waivers!

This is a very "endpoints, choose your endpoints" sort of thing, but it's also a good way to contextualize why Jets fans might not be buying in:

This is all-situations TOI

Maybe someday Nik Ehlers will try hard and get played more, eh? Until then watch the biggest team in the NHL hit some guys. (I have no idea if they are, they used to be, and they used to seem to want everyone to know it.)

The Jets are last in attendance this year for teams playing in NHL rinks. And even allowing for the size of theirs, 17,000 or so, it's bad. This is an ongoing problem that winning isn't fixing.

Speaking of the Jets, the Coyotes are on tap tonight, and I'm so sorry to say you missed this:

If you want to know what Craig Button thinks...

The Wild negotiated the termination of their players contract after the KHL regular season:

Tomorrow marks one week until the trade deadline and last night marked the first complex trade:

Not sure why the Flames didn't take back an even older pending UFA and sign him for 8 years at double his worth.