Matt Knies!

Okay, so let me get this straight, Gaudreau dumped his date the day before prom. Chucky did it by yelling out the window of the limo in their driveway and then peeling out.

A star of the game retires at an age men in the NHL are just getting their first big contract.

CapFriendly lists two signings for Wednesday taking one off the list in this post:

Who is left in Free Agency? - Pension Plan Puppets
The Leafs have to trade someone, so are they also going to sign someone?

The expectation is that whoever gets Tkachuk or Kadri has to move a player and whoever they move those players to might need to move a player or players, and it’s all growing geometrically. So every GM is in stasis.

Hockey Canada made a new statement that should begin: So you didn’t buy that last one at all, try this:

Nothing is going on today, so you have lot’s of time to listen to BtoE:

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We’re back to assess how the Leafs addressed their offseason needs

Happy Thursday, everyone.