Nick’s brother Jason Robertson signed a four year contract with the Dallas Stars at an AAV of $7.75 million. The 23-year-old left winger who scored 41 goals last season is now signed to a term that is just one year short of becoming an unrestricted free agent. Robertson is now the third highest paid forward on the Stars behind Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn who each make over nine million.

Hockey Canada has been playing stupid games during their parliamentary committee hearings and now they’re winning stupid prizes as their major corporate sponsors are permanently leaving them. Their dumbfounding actions during these investigations bring a new definition to toxic hockey culture.

I’ll repeat, “the time for change is long overdue.”

It’s clear hockey in Canada needs stricter safety measures in order to not allow abuse to fester. Team cultures of hazing need to go. Abusive coaches need to go. Hush hush managers and executives need to go. The focus should not be on the victims who settle suits, but on the origins of the actions themselves. And above all, transparency.

Frank Seravalli predicts every forward in the NHL will score 40 goals and many other bold predictions. I kid, this article is pretty fun.

And finally, the Leafs. It seems John Tavares and Pierre Engvall won’t be eligible for LTIR after all (though the Leafs still assert Engvall is injured). This positive trend in health has the consequence of making the first day salary cap decision much harder to make. A 20 player roster is possible with any combination of the bottom six forwards and the six defenders we know are healthy, but as soon as timothy Liljegren gets back, the Leafs will be in a bind. And teams will know it.

Also when it comes to the lines, Nylander isn’t going to play centre, but his current third line gives Malgin and Robertson the best opportunities to shine and win jobs. I’m still very on the fence over whether they’re making the team, because someone in that top 12 needs to go when Simmonds makes the team.