Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans, video game fans, and people confused about the headline!

If you need some help. let me explain my past decade of excitement every fall when the new NHL game is about to be released:

In my opinion the NHL series peaked around NHL14. It had a great Be A GM Mode, which is the one I spend 99% of my time with, the Live the Life mode was the best “be a player” they’ve had, with the ability to play a FULL junior career before moving on to the NHL. NHL 06 for the Game Cube was my other big favourite, but more for smaller things, like being able to upgrade your office as a GM, improving the team doctors to shorten injury times, better planes for better away games, and the fact you could play in EVERY SINGLE JERSEY an NHL team has ever worn. It was glorious.

Lately, there have been some improvements to the once gutted single player mode, but it feels like the focus is still on Chel and whatever that trading card game that you buy your way to victory is called.

They tried to re-do Live the Life, but made it worse. Be A GM is same as it ever was, minus the office, just playing a game has seen the jersey selection drop immensely, but for some reason we have ugly camo and pink jerseys for each team. GIVE US BACK TO MOOTERUS OPTION. Every year I play the game until drafting and expansion drafting becomes repetitive. Last year I couldn’t play online much because the PS5 club is still small.

So, what am I expecting besides a roster update?

Well, I could not care any less about HUT than I already do, and I will do no research into it at all. When the only way to win is to pay cash, forget it. Dead to me. I would rather play Atari 2600 ET than play HUT ever.

So let’s look at the trailer that was released:

I like the option to make your own custom league. That adds a lot more options to the gamer category of “don’t ever play online”. Cap flex, scheduling, playoffs, conference, divisions, CHANGING THE POINT SYSTEM! For both the NHL and AHL! Oh this has time sucker written all over it.

Now, the video has NHL, custom, and European teams in it. Will all teams in  all leagues be available? I hope so.

Now, they also say they have cross platform for online play, but it’s really cross generation. So no Xbox vs PlayStation match ups, just PS4 vs PS5 and XBone vs Series X. More options for opponents but not exactly what we wanted.

Finally, it looks like we’re getting more than 10 new logos for create a team, which, thank you. A question I have for this it however, can we finally use every logo that’s in the game? Can I make the Moose Jaw Warriors an NHL team? Can I use the old Ducks logo in create a team so I can remake the Ducks from their ugly wordmark?

So many questions I have that are still weeks away from being answered. Will this be a huge step forward from the NHL series, or will I land flat on my back again?

Now, some news.

The Calgary Flames are doing it. They’re bringing back one of the most mysterious mascots ever to grace the hockey rink ice: SCORCH!

If you don’t remember Scorch, don’t worry. He was only around a day or two. After the Calgary Flames announced that their new AHL affiliate would be the Adirondack Flames, they brought out a new mascot, one tied to local history. Except they revealed that he murdered local fire fighters.

He’s back baby!

The Maple Leafs went on a road trip in this long break between pre-season games.

Leafs try to tighten team again with Gravenhurst getaway

Just days into the OHL season, the Guelph Storm head coach has stepped down:

Guelph Storm coach steps down to deal with health concerns

“[Scott Walker] said they are an extension of the health concerns that started in Vancouver when he was an assistant coach with the Canucks but had to step away, namely vertigo linked to blood pressure issues.”

The New York Islanders got some good news as Matthew Barzal has signed an eight year extension worth $9.15M per year, then he will sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Barzal agrees to eight-year contract with Islanders

And a bunch of players were cut from camps. Good for them.

Enjoy your day!