The Leafs gained a point in last night's contest against Pittsburgh, which featured, among other things, a(nother) shortie from Bozak, Komorov having a tea party with Malkin, and yet another early goal against Bernier (did anyone see the chart that Sportsnet put up after the goal, showing what looked like 12-15 games where Bernier allowed a goal within the first 6 minutes of the game? "Awesome").

News from around the league:

Lowry Boards Kaleta, League Points to Safety Videos

The headline picture alone is enough to make you cringe, but the video is even worse.

Hockey News Ranks Best Fighting Teams

With the slow demise of plug enforcers, Hockey News takes a look at which team has emerged as the best fighting team. Although I'm not sure I understand the distinction between best overall team and the team with the best winning percentage (what else are you basing the best fighting team on if not number of fights won?), I like taking a gander at any list in which the Leafs are not in the basement.

And while we are discussing fights...

... let's take another look at Milan Lucic being one-timed, because it's hilarious and makes me happy. Post embarrassment, Lucic came out and called Prout's punch out as "gutless" - which is like Santa Clause criticizing someone for being too Christmasey.

Marty Returns

The Tampa Bay Lightning paid tribute to Martin St. Louis, who made his return to Tampa for the first time since turning his back on his team and asking for a trade in the middle of a good season, likely for the sole purpose of sticking it to Yzerman after the Olympics snub being traded to the New York Rangers. Stamkos was quoted as saying that he "wasn't sure" how the crowd would react, so I think we aaaaall know how Stevie feels.

Brodeur to the Blues?

Marty is joining St. Louis on a tryout basis, beginning this Friday. Call me crazy, but how does the last 75 years that Brodeur has been in the league NOT count as a tryout?

Two Final Words on the Salute

...WHO CARES? I know that this is old news, and I didn't even like talking about it when it was new news, but this Steve Dangle video is just too good.

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