It's Friday! And The Leafs are finally playing another game!

Oh. Wait. That's tomorrow.

Not much happened yesterday because Americans were too busy stuffing their faces with walking bird, cranberries, injun eyes, gun powder stuffed yams; and watching baseball, which used to be known as curling.

I'm going back to bed (under my desk at work). Enjoy these few links I could scrounge up.

Maple Leafs get their quarter-season report cards
James Mirtle’s player-by-player look at the first 22 games of Toronto’s season. He gave JvR a B- for his bad possession. However I give him an A+ for his amazing stick handling.

How Improbable is David Perron’s Season?
Boys on the Bus look at the stats behind the Oilers' trade bait du jour.

Stéphane Quintal has been busy. Lowry was suspended for one game, and Garbutt was suspended for two games.

Does Lupul have a girlfriend? Probably about sixty.

Here's a sexy GIF of William Nylander scoring a sweet goal yesterday. He now has 15 points in 14 games with the SHL's equivalent of the Sabres. Link found by Charlottes Webster. The lesson here? Don't leave Nylander with a wide open shot!