It’s another Leafs gameday. This is game 58, and one of five more games to come before the trade deadline.

The Coyotes exist to come last. That’s their whole job this year. They have some AHL goalies they might need to turf to get worse, they plan on trading half their team, and Travis Boyd is their 1C. For real.

We can drool over Jakob Chychrun but that’s really about all this game can provide. Real coyote news looks like this:

Woman confronted by bold coyote while gardening in Toronto - YouTube
A Toronto woman says that a bold coyote nipped her pant leg off while she was gardening in a Scarborough neighbourhood this morning.

Coyotes – City of Toronto
Keep your dog on a leash around a coyote.

Here's why people in Toronto keep spotting coyotes right now
If you live in Toronto, chances are good you've seen people posting on social media about coyotes recently.

Coyote spottings have indeed increased ...

Toronto issues reminder to not feed coyotes after food reportedly left in Etobicoke park | CTV News
Toronto officials are reminding residents not to feed coyotes after reports that food is being left for wildlife at an Etobicoke park.

Toronto wants people to stop feeding coyotes | The Star
The city is warning people leaving food out for coyotes and other wildlife in Colonel Samuel Smith Park that they are breaking city bylaws and face fines in doing so.

There is no real news in the great pause before the deadline, so this will have to do:

Yesterday, the MvsW radio hit with Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski asked what trade do you not want your team to make, so I’m stealing that to ask you. Open ended question, what deal or kind of deal do you not want to see from the Leafs?