Remember the end of 2015? The Maple Leafs' year ended on a high note: a shootout win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. The struggling Jonathan Bernier stood on his head, stopping 39 of 41 to get the game to overtime, and then two of three in the shootout for the win. That's a badass statement, especially considering all the drama surrounding Toronto's goaltending nowadays.

But when we're talking about badassery, Bernier has nothing on Matt Hunwick.


Is anyone else covering their mouth and crying a little?

Oh, well, good. That's good.

Hunwick played 28:37 against the Penguins, including 7:23 on a penalty kill that only surrendered one goal. Nobody else came close to his ice time. After David Perron sliced out his tooth. With his skate.

Matt Hunwick is the most badass of them all.