[Translated from Czech by Bing] Tomas Kaberle officially ended his rich career. The youngest of the famous dynasty remains one of the best defenders of all time, to Kladno.

Tomas Kaberle announced his retirement today after 21 years in pro hockey. It's almost 22 years, as he played one game in the 1994-1995 season for Kladno. He started his career in the franchise that made his father famous, and he went back after his NHL days were over. But for part of the time in between he was a Toronto Maple Leaf, a home-grown talent.

He was drafted in 1996, 204th overall in the eighth round. He hit the ice for the Leafs in 1998, and played 12 seasons over 13 years, so he was not bad for an eighth rounder.

In 2011, the Leafs traded Kaberle to Boston for Joe Colborne and a pick that they later did things with we will not discuss at this juncture.

After a brief stint with the Bruins, he played for Carolina and another team that does not need to be named at this juncture.

He went back to the Czech Republic and played for Kladno again, tried a North American comeback in the AHL, and then played his last season for another Czech team. I'm sure his Kladno fans don't need it named at this juncture either.

In retirement, you get to pick the jerseys you still love, so he can wear Kladno and Toronto only from now on.

He's not sitting around his Toronto home gather dust either, if you're in Halifax next Monday, you can see him for free in the Maple Leafs Alumni game.