Week one of the T25 is over, which means another week of summer is gone, and the new season is that much closer. Before we look ahead to who is #20 on our lists, it’s time to reveal the first five Community Votes and compare them to the official list.

Official Vote Summary - Week One

25 - William Villeneuve

Weighted average: 24.6

2021 Top 25 Under 25: William Villeneuve is #25

Not an uncontroversial choice, but there were nine different players ranked 25th by our 10 voters, so like always, the honourable mentions and the bottom of the list are really all one group of players with similar rankings separated by tiny fractions.

24 - Brennan Menell

Weighted average: 23.3

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Brennan Menell is #24

The second newest member of the team comes in at 24.

23 - Artur Akhtyamov

Weighted average: 23.1

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Artur Akhtyamov is #23

Barely getting more votes than Menell is the only goalie on our list.

22 - Filip Král

Weighted Average: 21.4

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Filip Král is #22

This is the first big jump in average ranking, showing Král had most of the voters ranking him somewhere, even if they ranked him low.

21 - Pavel Gogolev

Weighted Average: 20.3

2021 Top 25 Under 25: Pavel Gogolev is #21

Another big jump in ranking value brings us to the point where the average ranking is higher than the position on the list. This always happens as the better players tend to be bunched up in identifiable groups. Gogolev, the newest member of the organization, also got a vote from every voter, which is unusual for the bottom of the list.

There are two other players whose ranking is very close to 20, and we’ll meet them next week before we move to the big clump ranked between 14 and 18.

Community Vote

With 540 votes in the Community Vote, the process of tabulation is a little different, but the method is the same. All votes between 1 and 25 are inverted, so 1 counts as 25, 2 as 24 and so on. All votes higher than 25 are considered as unranked, and count for 0. The average is then calculated including zero votes.

Before we begin, I should mention the noise in the results introduced by the software that allows us to do a drag and drop survey like this. It’s inevitable that the original order of the eligible players will affect results when people only do part of the list and then hit submit anyway. There are some really, really weird votes in here. And they get washed out easily in 540 results. This is why the Community Vote is a very different animal to the Official Vote.

The first thing we’ll see as the weeks go on, is that the clumping up around 20 includes a lot more players, and the lowest ranking already averages well over 25.

25 - Erik Källgren

Weighted average: 22.18

Källgren didn’t make the official list, and he just squeaked in to the Community Vote over Filip Král by two one hundredths.

24 - Kristians Rubins

Weighted average: 22.09

Another player on the official list of honourable mentions, he just barely got enough votes to climb over Källgren.

23 - Joe Duszak

Weighted average: 20.97

Yet another official honourable mention, who you had more clearly ranked above the various names that all hit near 25.

22 - Veeti Miettinen

Weighted average: 20.78

Your list is already in the “around 20” territory with a player not yet revealed on the official vote.

21 - Joe Woll

Weighted average: 20.06

Ranked by the community is 21st place and unranked completely by the official voters, this is not the first time the Marlies goalie has been subject to widely disparate votes.

Your list next week starts with a player we’ve already ranked, but we all really agree on. The official vote begins with a player who has moved up from last year a few spots.