We’ve all had one of those days, right? Where you’re busy, and time is passing, and then you look up at a clock and suddenly remember there was something you were supposed to be doing, or somewhere you were supposed to be, and now there’s no way you’ll be on time.

Yesterday, that happened to William Nylander. We got wind of this when he was forced to wear the grey uniform at practice, which is normally reserved for players who will not likely participate in the next game as they are on rotation in or out of the fourth line, but he instead had to put it on as a mark of shame for the day because he didn’t show up on time.

The Maple Leafs coach was cagey on the details, saying only that it was actually a “meeting” for which he arrived late, and not the practice itself. Sometimes individual players are assigned to show up well before even the off-ice portion of the practice begins for some extra one-on-one time with a coach. Perhaps they were going to sit down and watch some video of the overtime from Sunday’s game and ask Nylander what he was doing farting around in the neutral zone when the Canucks were about to score the game winner? We will never know.

But we do know Keefe went as far as suggesting to the media that Nylander might be sat out of tonight’s game, forced to watch from the press box as some extra punishment. It wouldn’t be the first time he has done that.

Remember about a year ago the same thing happened with Kasperi Kapanen. In that case we actually got to see Kapanen enduring his shame publicly as the cameras at the Leafs’ arena can pan up high enough to capture whomever is in the boxes there.

We’ll see if we get some shots of Willy chatting on the phone during tonight’s game, or if Keefe relents and decides to let him play.

Remember, it starts late! Not until 9:00 p.m. ET. Make sure you are all on time. I will be taking attendance at the start of the GDT.

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Other News

The WHL has called it a season. There’s still no word on what the OHL plans, or hopes, or dreams it could do now, but I think dreams are about all that is left for their season.

Patrick Marleau played in his historic 1768th NHL game last night, passing the Mark set by Gordie Howe. Yes, yes, the WHA games, etc., but the milestone is still impressive. I’m not sure about these commemorative gloves though. They could have used a copy editor as that last row doesn’t quite work.

Two Maple Leafs gave a special tribute to Marleau, and one more gave him a very special tribute.

Finally, Connor McDavid gives us our LOLHABS moment of the week.