But we liked this new guy!

What is there to say? Jason Spezza is now the Leafs 3C, and the team needs to meet this challenge with blah, blah and whaa whaa whaa, and other Charlie Brown teacher’s noises.

Kerfoot, if indefinitely means more than 24 days, can join the crowd on LTIR, and there will be $5 billion in LTIR pool to use to call up players. It’s not necessary, though, they can just put him on IR and make a roster space for a callup.

Interestingly, insider Elliott Friedman name-dropped Pierre Engvall in his last 31 Thoughts column. Engvall has been “made over” into a centre on the Marlies (it’s not really his first time as a C, but Sweden is a foreign country) and he’s been doing well. Other options on the farm are Tyler Gaudet or one of the veteran wingers to take a spot on the fourth line if Spezza is indeed going to play centre a lot more.

Scott Pooley was called up from the Growlers to join the Marlies, and while they are busy rotating in players to meet the new five-AHL-games-played requirement for ECHL playoffs, they might have other reasons for bringing up Pooley right now.

How does this make you feel?

Fine, it’s fine.194
Unbelievably horrified.87
Kicking puppies right now, I’ll get back to you.169