Good morning, and I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.  If you are American, I hope you enjoyed your country’s [checks notes] decaying democratic legitimacy.  Anyway, one of our favourite Americans had a spread in Sharp magazine recently.

Auston Matthews, for those of you who do not know, has a unique personal style in that he spends many thousands of dollars to dress in the most bizarre fashion possible.  It is terrific, and I admire it almost as much as his goal-scoring.  You can read and view the whole piece here, but I wanted to specifically share a couple of looks from #34.

When you’re working out with kettlebells, but you’re also a stick of spearmint gum.

“Now I will show you the true power of Ice-type Pokemon!”

The coat speaks for itself, in that it defies my ability to describe it, but also, why is he standing on top of a car? Because he’s dope.

All kidding aside, it’s great that Matthews has a personality and that he’s free to ball out with it.  Your star just talks about getting pucks deep.  Our star dresses like he’s the head of a post-apocalyptic crime syndicate.

Don’t fuck with Papi.

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Lighthouse Hockey: Islanders 4, Sharks 0  Matt Martin scored!  In other news, the Sharks have apparently not figured out the right way to set up a power play with the two best offensive defencemen in the NHL on it yet.

The Detroit-Anaheim game was on late, and I have work in the morning, so I’ll just make stuff up.  The Red Wings lost 12-0 despite out-shooting Anaheim 39 to 6.  Randy Carlyle burned his hand on an electric Christmas ornament.  Jimmy Howard attempted to retire mid-game but was dragged back to the net by the police.  Ryan Getzlaf continued to look like a bank manager.

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