There isn’t much new to talk about when it comes to hockey these days. We’re all (im)patiently waiting for the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic to pass and hoping with fingers crossed for it to happen in time to still finish the 2019/20 NHL season.

So, with time to kill we might as well start treating this like a mini off-season. And with every off-season means watching older highlights you still remember fondly. I’ll start this Monday off by remembering the five overtime goals that Auston Matthews has scored in his still young NHL career.

He’s scored some beauties too...

Winter Classic overtime goal vs Detroit Red Wings

First overtime goal vs Montreal Canadians

Second overtime goal vs Montreal Canadians

Blistering wrister vs Chicago Blackhawks

At the buzzer rush vs Buffalo Sabres

Ahhh it’s so hard to decide which of them is my favourite. I’ll always love beating Montreal in overtime and I adore that he’s done it against them twice already. That Winter Classic goal was low-key ridiculous, playing the rebound off the boards with a perfectly angled backhand in tight.

But I’m going to have to choose the Chicago goal. I’m a sucker for ridiculous wrist shots, it’s why I love Phil Kessel so much. That perfectly placed missile of a wrist shot that elicits that sort of reaction from Ray Ferraro always puts a smile on my face.

Also, because fuck Patrick Kane, that’s why.

The other fun part of the off-season is seeing all the pictures that players post on their social media accounts with their pets. Last off-season we met Travis Dermott’s adorable pupper Niylah. This mini off-season break we’re seeing the side of our newest hot prospect that we all DESERVE to see in these troubled times!

Share your favourite dog, cat, or any pet pictures you have of your own pets, or your favourite pictures of NHL players with animals in the comments!

Not much new on the state of the season and what the NHL will do next, but we did get this from CJ:

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There was TECHNICALLY some actual hockey news, though the timing seems... weird?

Questions left unanswered by the NHL season so far — and maybe for good | by Justin Bourne at The Athletic

Have a great, safe, and healthy Monday everyone!

Which is your favourite overtime goal by Matthews?

Winter Classic backhand12
The first one against Montreal5
The second one against Montreal3
The wrister vs Chicago15
The buzzer beater vs Buffalo30