Another two weeks have passed, and the narrative around the Leafs season has changed dramatically. After a six game win streak, four of which occurred without Auston Matthews, it’s happy days in Leafland. That’s especially true after their destruction of the Habs on Saturday night.

In this episode, Fulemin and I discuss the win streak, and some other items, including:

  • My new Twitter handle (follow me @arvi), how dope it is, and the fact that my excitement for it is vastly greater than what it should be.
  • Whether the Leafs have gotten lucky during the streak. We also talk about how Freddie and McElhinney have stepped up, and the reasons why the Leafs may be better suited to sustaining long-term success than most teams with middling possession.
  • Why Nazem Kadri and William Nylander’s line seems to struggle so much, despite both of them being great players. We also discuss whether it gives us any pause on what Nylander’s next deal should be./

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