The Toronto Maple Leafs stomped the Montreal Canadiens so hard on Saturday, it caused a sudden eruption of the hitherto latent Salt Volcano below Quebec. It’s good news for the Canadian salt export business, and McDonalds, but for those caught in the blast radius — such as Habs GM Marc Bergevin — they are quickly becoming buried under the growing wave of salt.

Back in Toronto, the Marlies had a back-to-back series against Syracuse over the weekend from which they emerged with a 2-1 win on Saturday and a 3-1 win on Sunday. The Marlies have the likes of Andreas Johnsson, Kasperi Kapanen, and Garret Sparks to thank.

The Argonauts, who are a sports team that plays in Toronto, had a comeback win in the CFL playoffs which sounds exciting if your name is Steve and you’re the one fan in the entire city. (Love you Steve!)

So it was a good weekend in Toronto sports (excluding those who were busy playing games on a different continent)!

With a a six game winning streak, it’s time to go Back to Excited with Fulemin and Arvind! (warning: podcast might contain trace amounts of skepticism and biased!)

Elseldo looks at the best Leafs to ever wear #28. It includes a guy named Orr, so you know it’s a good list!

Jonas Siegal at the Jock evidently decided to troll Arvind and suggest a lineup rearrangement to put Marner with Matthews and Nylander with Kadri.

As touched on above, the Toronto Furies played over in China this weekend and suffered two straight losses, including a 2-0 shutout loss on Sunday.

Katya writes her weekly European Report to let us know how our various European prospects are faring.

MLHS has a recap of the Marlies 2-1 win over Syracuse. Pretty remarkable how the Leafs are doing without their top Marlies prospect, Liljegren. Sparks has caught fire this year.


Fulemin tells Habs fans to chill out and trust le process of Marc Bergevin.

There was an ugly incident in the Sens-Rangers game last night. Here’s hoping Borowiecki is okay.

The Athletic spoke with Gary Bettman on a number of issues, but unfortunately the journalist left the meeting with his soul mysteriously consumed by demonic powers. The perpetrator is still unknown and at large.

There was also a flurry of suspensions this weekend. First, Radko Gudas was suspended ten games for trying to behead Perreault.

Then, Austin Watson got suspended two games for boarding former Leaf and current Avalanche, Dominic Toninato.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Why do you think Marner should play with Matthews instead of Nylander?

Look at all the points Nylander has with Kadri!15
Their bro-chemistry off the ice is sure to carry over!36
They’re halfway there. Woah. Livin’ on a Prayer.90
How else can we finally get Matt Martin on Matthews’ wing?97