The Maple Leafs are in California. Yes, that means the games are all starting really late this week. It’s a 10:30 p.m. EDT start both tonight and tomorrow and a 10:00 p.m. start on Friday. I hope you aren’t already sleep deprived!

We’ll have a preview of tonight’s game posted late this morning whenever the Leafs actually get out of bed out on the west coast.

Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

Nylander in numbers - Dr. James Internet
All the stats you could ever need about William Nylander so you aren’t reduced to just arguing with his points from last season.

European Prospect Report: Holmberg is pounding hard on the door Swedish WJC team door - Katya
He’s not the most exciting prospect the Leafs have ever had, but he can play the game.

Other News

Aviva Canada signs Toronto Maple Leafs goalie - CNW
[Species: I hope Andersen knows Aviva will deduct HST from his endorsement deal payments.]

Willie O’Ree says his diversity ‘work is not done’ - TheColorOfHockey
In a moving speech, the 83-year-old pioneer lauded hockey for embracing diversity, but added that there’s still more to do to make the sport more inclusive.

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Martin St. Louis' stint in New York was a small, but important part of Hall of Famer’s career.

Would Carter make sense for the Bruins? - Stanley Cup of Chowder
TSN Insider Darren Dreger connected Jeff Carter to the Bruins in a radio hit, saying the Bruins are looking for an "experienced player." [Species: BWUAHAHAHAHAHAH!]

Yanni Gourde and the conundrum of late-blooming stars - Raw Charge
First Jonathan Marchessault, now Yanni Gourde: how the NHL handles "late bloomers."

Playing Favorites: Sullivan’s personnel choice can be confounding - PensBurgh
It’s sometimes tough to keep up with the choices Mike Sullivan is making.

Jamie Benn and Josh Anderson had a real old school throw down face punch row last night.