On Monday, the Toronto Maple Leafs called up defensemen Timothy Liljegren and Martin Marincin from the Toronto Marlies.

Marincin was sent down on Sunday, along with Pontus Aberg, following the team’s Western road trip. He’s been the seventh defenseman on the team all season and has been sent down occasionally to get some ice time on the Marlies or help fit the team under the salary cap. The Marlies played yesterday; however, Marincin was not in the lineup.

Maple Leafs move Pontus Aberg and Martin Marincin to the Marlies

The 20-year-old Liljegren was on the team’s season-opening roster before being sent down on October 3rd. This was done so that Liljegren’s performance bonuses ($400k) would create a bonus pool within LTIR that the Leafs can use for players such as Teemu Kivihalme. This magic is foreign to seemingly everyone save for Brandon Pridham, so let’s just say the Leafs did a thing in October and it helped them call up Liljegren now. Katya went into a little more detail about what the Leafs gained in her post here.

Looking back at the press release, Marincin and Liljegren were called up on an emergency basis. This doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things because the Leafs have the cap space and roster spots with Aberg down and Andreas Johnsson on LTIR, but it’s interesting to see the Leafs do this to both players. You have to have less than six defenders to recall one on an emergency basis, and you can only have one emergency call up per injured player. We assume Tyson Barrie is hurt, but perhaps there is someone else who is going to miss practice today as well?